Working mom (My aunt Melanie. Part 4)

“Clothes? Check. Make up? Check. Hair? Check” I was doing my final check up before leaving. I had to make sure i didn’t miss anything. I was now alone with this. Just as i feared we didn’t find a second stone and my aunt had to go back to my house, leving me like this for the whole year. I was really getting nervous, i don’t know if i can handle her job. She is working at a game developing company. I’m a gamer myself but her job isn’t about playing games, she sells them. I just hope i won’t screw up. If that wasn’t enough i had some serious worries about her marriage. When i asked my aunt about it she said it’s just a temporary quarrel but i’m sure it’s something more. Uncle had spend the night on the couch. “Ok it’s time to stop thinking about it, stay focused” I pushed my chest out to look self-confident. Then i left the bathroom and went to wake up little Timmy. I had to take him to our neighbor who watches over him while aunt and uncle are at work. Finally i arrived at the building. I took a deep breath and went to her office. Let’s hope for the best.

As soon as i got there i was overthrown by paper work. I didn’t even had the chance to take out my things from the purse when another pile of papers landed on my desk. I looked at them hoplesly. “What i got myself into” I thought as i started to panic. I tried to calm my mind and slowly got to work. With some time i was getting better but i was still very nervous.

At the end of my shift i felt like a wreck. My hands were still shaking and my legs were weak from all the stress but somehow i managed to do her job pretty well. I was glad it was the end but the thought i will be doing this for another year freaked me out.
When i got home i took off the sweaty clothes and changed into something comfortable. After i made dinner i sat on the couch next to my uncle. We didn’t talk and i was glad about it. I was so tired i decided to go sleep early. Tommorow awaits another tough day.


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