Timothy’s mom was fed up with her son’s rowdy behavior, and she decided that she’d rather have a daughter. She whispered magic words in his ears as he slept, and the changes began while he slept.

As Tammi awoke, she was dumbstruck by her lack of morning wood. Her hair confounded her until the magical changes kicked in, and she made it look perfect. The urgency in her bladder made her want to pee, and she sat down on the toilet like a good little girl and fizzed, then wiped. She selected a nice pair of panties from the closet and pulled it up. Then she remembered to insert a tampon because her period was due soon. Only after that did she go downstairs and confront her mother, who was cooking a nice breakfast for her darling daughter.

“What gives, mama?” she asked in her new musical tones, adjusting the straps for the top that encased her breasts. She then applied some lip gloss and eyeshadow to prepare for her work at the club. “Is my hair okay?”

“You are gorgeous, my darling. Would you like some pancakes before you head to work?” she asked, smiling at her lovely daughter.

“Yes mama, with butter please,” Tammi replied as she sat at the table like a good little girl.


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