Working as a host

To earn some money over the summer holidays I signed up, for an entertainer in a holiday resort. It was a good payed job, and as a host, you normally get to know some girls. What I didn’t know when I signed the contract is that they change every men and women into a perfect shaped bikini girl. I didn´t know how they did it, it was the secret of the company, but next day I woke up as a girl.

I can´t describe the feeling exactly when you wake up as a woman, but the first thing that I noticed when i woke up, were not my big boobs or the emptiness between my legs, it was my new long hair tickling my face. The next week they trained us to be the happiest, sexiest and most entertaining bikini hosts. Those of us who were males before, like me, had an extra training session every night. There we learned the basics things like putting on a bikini/bras, apply make up or how to deal with our period. It was funny, because all the other girls wanted to know how it was like to have a penis, if I liked it more being a women or a men, if I was know attracted to men/women or both, or which were the hardest things I have to get used to as a women. The hardest things were definitely that my boobs went up and down every single move I made (and of course a bikini does not support your boobs quite good) , the fact that I needed to sit down to pee and of course that every men stared at me (but that was of course the intention of the resort). Often I saw their hard-on through their bathers, which always reminded me that i didn´t had such an equipment anymore. Now i had nothing between my legs to get hard when I was aroused, only a slit to get wet, to make my body ready to be entered with a thing I possessed a week ago and filled up with a liquid I produced a week ago.

So this Video was made by a vacationer, he told me that he wanted to show his friends my incredible dance moves, and if I could show him them one more time, so that he can film it. Of course i knew that he made that video not because of my dance moves, I was not dumb. It was all about me in the bikini and my bouncing boobs. Since i was once a men i knew that he and his friends would fap to that video later, but i had to do it, it was my job. So I smiled at him and started to move my sexy body, which I was now quite used to. It was normal to me that my boobs woobled, that I wore a skimpy bikini, that I feel the long hair on my sholders and I must say I can’t even remember how it feels like to have a penis between my legs, at least not my own.


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