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Working as a host

To earn some money over the summer holidays I signed up, for an entertainer in a holiday resort. It was a good payed job, and as a host, you normally get to know some girls. What I didn’t know when I signed the contract is that they change every men and women into a perfect shaped bikini girl. I didn´t know how they did it, it was the secret of the company, but next day I woke up as a girl. Read more

Gender equalities

The new subject in school was called “Gender equalities”. Everybody had to it, it was mandatory. The school director said, that this exam is important to push the gender mainstreaming. However, the questions for that test were so easy that nobody learned for that test. If you wrote something, like “Woman are equal with man” or “They can handle jobs in high positions as well” you easily passed it. For me this subject was so unnecessary that I decided to make fun of this test and wrote all the times that men’s are so much better than women, they should stay in the kitchen and so on… I thought it was fun… Read more