Experiment gone… right?

Steven Turner was a scientist at the Gardner institute in Philadelphia. His assignment was to make a new pill that would help older men get horny faster and make sex more pleasurable. Steven decided to test it out on himself first at the lab but it seemed it did’nt work. That was until he got home. Steven was making dinner when he felt a strange vibration go up and down hi whole body. Suddenly he fell down in intense pleasure. All his body hair was falling off and he was getting smaller. Steven started to moan and he noticed his voice was a lot higher and softer. He could feel his chest expand out into perfect breasts, his muscles becoming smaller and weak, and his hair turning blonde and growing! After a few short minutes Steven was able to stand but he couldn’t believe his sight. “Oh my goodness I’m a girl!!” Steven screamed in shock. Looking up and down his whole body Steven was starting to get ideas. Without thinking he grabbed his breasts and started feeling them. “Oh ma that feels fantastic!!” Steven then feeling his whole body admiring how beautiful he was now. “Hmm. I wonder the possibilities?” To be continued…


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