Woman’s place

Charlie’s wife Clarissa was a lovely girl with raven locks, but Charlie was unhappy about how prim and submissive she was. Many men might enjoy that, but not Charlie. A woman’s place was not to stay home or in the kitchen, but rather to be outgoing, confident, and strong—Charlie believed this fervently.

So he asked his Aunt Clara to temporarily swap their bodies, which she accomplished by magicka. Charlie wanted to demonstrate to Clarissa how strong she could possibly be, which might only be accomplished by her experiencing life as man. Waking up the next morning in Clarissa’s body, Charlie immediately got down on the floor and did pushups while she slept and snored in his former body. Then he went out for a brisk run. Upon returning home, Charlie stripped off his sweaty outer clothes and walked in wearing only a pair of aqua boy shorts and a black bra, letting loose his hair in the process.

Charlie found Clarissa at the breakfast table in his former body glumly eating a bowl of Cheerios with milk. He poured himself a bowl and sat down at the table with his cleavage clearly exposed. Clarissa’s breath caught in her throat as she admired her own body with a new set of eyes. She’d never seen her own body from the outside, so she didn’t know how sexy it was; Clarissa realized now that she should be more assertive in the future. She felt the strange sensation of growing hard and ready to burst in her pants.

Charlie just smiled and formed a perfect “O” with his mouth over his Cheerios. Clarissa was gonna learn a thing or two more about womanly power before they swapped back. And Charlie was gonna use this opportunity to learn a little something about a woman’s needs. They were both going to enjoy this experience: she would be a better woman, and he would be a better man.


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