The Reunion

Thank you Honey for agreeing to bring me to the 10 year reunion. It’s my first time back since graduation. I have so many fond memories of high school. What’s that, Honey? Do I remember everything? Well of course I do, silly. Look! Isn’t that your old locker? Remember how I used to lock you in it? What’s that Honey? How long have I remembered. Oh I don’t know, I guess I got my memory back maybe 5 or 6 months after you cast that spell on me at the after graduation party. You know, the spell that changed me from a male bully and you chief tormenter into your submissive girl friend. Why didn’t I say anything? Because by then I loved you and we were about to be married. Now stop worrying and let’s enjoy the reunion. I want to show off my wonderful husband and pictures of the kids.


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