Daddy’s Girl, Part 2

A skirt, a blouse, tigh-high socks. Sexy, yet mock-innocent school girl. Of all the outfits she had worn, that was the one her Daddy had had the hardest time ignoring. So that was the right outfit. No panties, no bra. If everything went according to plan, she wouldn’t need that.

Going downstairs, Kim saw Charles sitting in the couch in the living room, a stern look on his face. “Sit down,” he said. Something about his voice made her shaky in her knees, the butterflies in her stomach going even wilder than they used to go when around him.

“We can’t continue like we’ve been doing the last few days. I can’t have you prancing around in that body, teasing me, frustrating me. So I’m going to give you a choice. Either you quit it, and behave like the son you supposedly are inside, or I’m going to treat you like the naughty little girl you’re acting like. And if you choose the latter, that’s it. That’s what you’ll always be. There’s no going back to being my son. I’ve spoken to Kimberly about your behaviour, and I know exactly what you need. We’ve agreed that you can keep her body – she’s enjoying the freedom of being you, of not having to contend with the constant degrading and humiliating fantasies you’re having. I’m willing, no, I’m happy to oblige them, but know that if you make that choice, you *will* be living them.”

Kim sat there, in silence, not able to meet her Daddys eyes. He was promising her all that she had craved the last few days. She could feel her pussy getting soaking wet as her face turned red from all the embarassing scenarios that was running through her head. She opened her mouth, tried to speak, but couldn’t utter a single word.

“Get up!” She obeyed, meekly. “Since you seem to have lost your mouth, I’ll let you have a taste at the stern discipline you’ll be experiencing, young lady.” The way he talked sent shivers down her spine. “Over my lap!”

She laid down, burning with embarrassment, burning with arousal. He lifted her skirt. Massaged her bum. And started smacking down. Kim cried out in pain. It really hurt! She’d imagined it all a lot less painful, a lot more playful. And yet… this was probably what she deserved. Did she really want this? No. Maybe? Yes? The pain made thinking hard.

The spanking stopped. She felt Charles put his arms around her, lift her up. And throw her down on her back on the couch. Her skirt flew up, exposing her pussy, and Charles bent down and ripped her blouse open.

“No bra. No panties. You know what, Kimberly? I’ve decided I’m making the choice for you.” She watched him unzip his pants, drop them to the floor. A rock-hard penis stood out from his pelvis. From her perspective, it seemed huge!

“That’s… that’s never going to fit!” she uttered.

His hand went to her crotch, slid inside. “As wet as you are, I’m sure we’ll have no problem. Spread your legs!” She did the opposite. Clamped them together. His hand came out from her cunt, up to her face, He grabbed her by her cheeks, pressing her mouth into an O shape. “Spread your legs, or I’ll fuck your face instead!” This time, she complied. “Now look,” he said as he descended down upon her. “Look down between your legs, as your Daddy enters you for the very first time.”

The realization of what was happening shook her. Suddenly, she was Tom again. “Please, dad… please, no! This… this isn’t right. Please, stop!” she, he, begged, stare transfixed at the bulbous cock head moving ever closer.

“Too late,” was the reply, as the cock entered without resistance. He felt… she felt… he… filled up. “Please, dad, no. Please, stop. Please, no, nonono, please, don’t, please…” came her protestations. “Please, don’t, no, please, Daddy, don’t… don’t… don’t stop.” She realized it was too late. There really was no going back from this. Her Daddy was fucking her full force, pinning her down, filling her up. His huge cock streching her tight pussy so much that it was almost… almost painful, which just made it all the better. “Please, Daddy, fuck your little slut of a babygirl. Fuck me hard. Give me what I deserve. You feel soooo good inside me. So big, so warm, so manly!”

Soon, she could feel him getting even harder, his cock twitching. Daddy was about to come. “Please, Daddy, come inside me. I want to feel your seed inside me… Breed me.”

He didn’t need much more encouragement. With a last push, he pushed deep inside her. She felt him twitch, pulse, hot seed filling her insides. Load after load.

Finally, the last wave having washed over him, he retracted. “Some day, in a few years, maybe. Maybe I’ll breed you. Maybe I’ll make you the mother of my children, to replace the son you’ve lost me. But for now, I’ll just fuck you, whenever and wherever I want, and if you get pregnant, you’re going to get an abortion. You have no say in this. You’re my little babygirl now, and I make all the rules. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Kim answered. “I love you, Daddy,”

“I love you too, sweetie. Now come over here and clean Daddy’s cock with those lips of yours…”


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