Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Patrick found himself in the body of a naked young woman and had no time to make the man stop as he spread his legs and entered the already wet vagina that was now between his legs and felt the immediate joy & relief as his new body accepted the man’s embrace.

After what seemed like eternity of moaning & groaning Patrick felt his body shuddered and shake as he felt the man explode his load inside of him feeling a sexual joy he had never felt before as he lay their legs spread wide breathless and sweaty with a warm sticky feeling between his legs.

Not knowing how to break the news to the man that he was not who he thought he was as he lay there still feeling the warm glow of satisfaction he thought he would cross that bridge when he came to it.

It was not until the next day that they found out about the great shift when an 85 year old man turned up claiming to be Tara King the woman that Patrick was now.

Which sent her unshifted boyfriend into a state of shock when Patrick admitted who he really was.


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