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Sam was a little bit naive about women he was only 16 and never got any further than kissing a girl. Read more

Amusement Arcade.

Chris was regretting his choice of clothing as he could see out of the corner of his eye all the teenage boys at the amusement arcade drooling over him. Read more

What happened to me?

Jason could not believe he was screwing a man down some dirty alleyway whilst his pimp watched from across the road just to feed a dirty habit he could not kick. Read more

Plenty to distract him.

14 year old James could not believe how bouncy his new breasts were as he gently bounced up and down on the spot which made them jiggle about to his delight. Read more

The things one has to do.

Jack let out a squeal of pleasure as he felt his manager’s hand lift up the hem of his work uniform, pushes knickers to one side before sliding his small but hard cock into his wet pussy. Read more