Much better

Just a few minutes ago i was at my girlfriend’s house, watching a movie together. Since her parents were on vacations i hoped for something extra after the movie. I was dating Cassandra for three months. She was beautiful, but not as her mom. Mrs. Emily Sailer was a stunning woman. Despite being almost 40 years old she looked much younger and her body was in great shape. Man i just wish that Cassandra will look like her when she gets older.

In the middle of the movie i started to feel dizzy and i passed out. When i came back to my senses i was standing on a balcony and there was a piece of paper next to me. “Dear John. I know how much you admire my mom’s body. I often caught you staring at her. Since you like her body so much you can have it. I swapped your bodies. The spell is a one way ticked so now you can enjoy her body for the rest of your life. Ps. The spell will have it’s full effect in a minute. With love your ex girlfriend, now daughter Cassandra”

I admit i was pissed off. I was about to call her when i caught a glimpse of someone coming. It was Mr. Sailer or rather i should call him James. He came up to me and warped his hand around my waist. I was getting aroused in his presence. I leaned up to him and kissed him in the lips. My anger had faded, now i was greatfull to Cassandra for the swap. I loved this body and i loved my husband. I just can’t wait to see what he prepared for our vacations.


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