I shouldn’t be here

Philip really hated his wife at this moment in time.

He was the one supposed to be in the corridor waiting to hear the news.

Not the one on a hospital gurney with his legs spread open and pushing out a baby.

When his wife had their first child she swore she would never go through that again but somehow she had gotten pregnant again and was not happy about it.

So while he slept she use a set of reversal rings and swap their consciousness into each other’s bodies.

When he woke up he had the uncontrollable urge to throw up & discovered that he was now in his wife’s body.

He was not very pleased and it almost broke up there happy family but for the sake of his son and the unborn child he was now carrying he would put up with it.

As she had no intention of swapping them back anytime soon.

9 months later and now in labour thinking that when the child is out of him he could go back to his old self helped him through the 8 hours of labour.

If he only knew his wife had lost the rings and he was trapped forever as her and he had two years of breastfeeding and nappy changing ahead of him he would have gone out of his mind.

His wife was hoping the bonding hormones would blind him when she told him after he gave birth but all he did was grab his former cock and say you’re getting a vasectomy I am not going through that again as he held his little baby in his arms enjoying the feeling of being a mother.


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