Woke Up…Different

Andy didn’t know how or why, but he woke up different. He quickly noticed he had huge boobs now and some big guy was on top of him spewing hot cum! He immediately felt it’s warmth and gooeyness on his now soft skinned hair free chest. The musky smell filled his nostrils and as he opened his mouth to react, he got a taste of the salty liquid.

He should have jumped away immediately in shock, but for some strange reason, despite being shocked at what happened to his body and what this guy was doing to him, he was immensely horny and turned on by this! The guy looked hot to him now and the whole cum experience felt good for some reason. He was wondering how he was becoming so comfortable being a slut in such a strange new body.

Then in walked Andy’s sister Nina, and she told him everything, “Like your new boy toy Andy? I bet you do from the looks or your pretty new face! You said you never understood my slutty demeanor or being the way I was, and I’ve always wanted a sister instead of a brother, someone like me that understands me and is family. You now fit the bill, there Andrea! I made you very much just like me, how you would have been if you were born my sister instead of my brother! You’re doing well here I see, because you’re new desires are making you comfortable with your new slutty existence. Now I have a sister finally that will understand me, that is like me, and loves the things I love!

Sure I bet you are shocked and have a lot of questions too, but you also seem enjoying what is happening to your new hot body! Just look how wet your new pussy is, you haven’t even touched that yet I bet! It seems Derek here is spent already so I’m going to let in Duncan. Duncan, show my sister a good time!”

“I should be mad at you Nina for doing this to me, but I feel so good, and this feels so right for some reason! I’m tingling all over, oh and what the…,” said the new Andrea.

Duncan lunged forward into Andrea’s new vagina, and Andrea’s new sexy eyes lit up in stunned pleasure! Duncan rocked her world, and Andrea had little time to think about what her sister had done to her! Waves of hot pleasure entered her body, and as she put her tiny new hands out in bliss, two other guys approached the new woman, and Nina closed Andreas’s French manicured fingers around them, helping her to grasp the took cocks awaiting her while the other was rhythmically pounding her new pussy!

Once again, Andrea should have been shocked, now in a foursome with three men, but she was even more turned on, the warm hard cocks in her hands, while Duncan’s massive cock was pleasing her in ways she never imagined possible! Nina urged her to stroke the two cocks in her hands, getting the next two men even harder! Finally Duncan exploded into Andrea’s new vagina, and Andrea herself had multiple orgasms and could feel them not just below, but sensations everywhere! She had never had orgasms like this in her life… until now!

Then Nina said, “Ok, Andrea, one for me and one for you. You take Vince, and I’ll take Vinnie here!”

Vince shoved his cock towards Andrea’s new plump lips, nudging her to take it into her mouth! Meanwhile Nina go on her knees near the bed, and let Vinnie’s cock approach her pouty thick lips.

Nina said before taking Vinnie into her mouth, “Now you can call us the Suck Sisters… kidding, but yea, take that cock all the way in baby, you know you want to, ANDREA!”

Andrea tasted penis for the first time, and it sent tingles through her body, even after having had so many orgasms already. She was once again turned on, her body not even having much chance to recover. She was a horny slut and could go again and again, incredibly having a huge libido!

Once it was over Derek, Duncan, Vince, and Vinnie all were immensely satisfied, and so were the new sisters Andrea and Nina!

Andrea looked her new self over in the full length bedroom mirror, and said, “You know I really should be yelling at you right now for this, but I’m flipping hot! For some reason I like this body now, and also I like men. I think I’m addicted to cum too! I understand why you had so much sex, Nina, wow, men are amazing when you are a woman! I was on the receiving end of such pleasure, and I feel this was way better than anything I’ve ever experience as a man. I’m going to try to get used to this, but I think I already am mostly! I just don’t know about the whole heels and dresses thing yet, and bras ugh.”

Nina smiled, “I’m glad you are taking to the changes, and we can start you off with a cute top, leggings, and flats if you want. You don’t have to wear heels or dresses, that’s up to you, but I will say this, a woman feels very good in a dress sometimes, you feel feminine and confident and pretty. Trust me, you might change your mind eventually, remember you’re now Andy anymore… you’re a woman now, a very sexy strong woman and my sister Andrea!!!”

“Do you think leggings will make my butt look too big though,” asked Andrea.

“Wow, really? You’ve only been my sister for a brief time, and you’re already worried about your looks. You are hot don’t worry about it, and some guys like a big bottom, one like you do have it seems. Embrace it baby, and sway that booty babe,” said Nina smiling.

After getting dressed in a red low cut blouse, and tight black leggings with black ballet flats, Andrea looked in the mirror and smiled, “Wow, I am hot stuff! Now I wonder what I would look like in a tight sexy dress and heels. You were right Nina. For now I’ll stick with this though, this blouse feel amazing, it flows silky over my soft skin, and the breeze on my cleavage is wonderful. These leggings are so tight and sensual, I love they way the feel on my curvy lower half! The flats are comfy and cut, and I love they way they adorn my tiny new feet. I’m amazing, and you are an amazing girl Nina, for making me this way.”

“I’m glad you are happy Andrea, because the change was one way, and can’t be undone. It was a permanent spell I bought for lots of cash, so I’m glad you are happy. If you feel guilty a bit though, you could help me make back some of the money I spent on the spell. I can get you a job at the insurance company I work at. The would love another hot secretary like me there. The guys are harassing with the woman, but I love it, and you will too. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want them to slap that nice butt of yours babe. I’m sure you would, because now you are a promiscuous girl just like me,” said Nina.

“They can slap my butt and grab my tits for all I care, I’m in Nina, I bet I’ll look hot in a skirt and heels at the office,” said Andrea.

“Don’t forget pantyhose too, they are required there, and you’ll love them. If you get the good ones like I have, they feel wonderful on your legs, trust me,” said Nina winking.

The two laughed and smiled in the mirror, now two sisters ready to begin a new chapter in life!


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