Hot Dose

Mariah came down stairs and paused the instant she entered the laundry room, seeing a young woman standing there with no shirt on folding clothes.

“Damn it Will! I thought I took away the last of your pills last night!” Mariah complained to her son. She knew what boys did when they took those gendermorph pills. She’d been horrified to find her son with them last week. He’d insisted he was just holding them for a friend. Then last night she found him with some again. Worse, he’d taken one and was trying to sneak out as a girl! She’d flushed the pills and grounded him right there.

“Sorry mom. You were right and those pills were dangerous. I’m pretty sure my dealer slipped me a hot dose. The pill from last night hasn’t worn off yet…” Will said and slipped into shirt that was much too large for him now. “I guess you’re going to have to get used to me being your new daughter now.”

Mariah crossed her arms and frowned. Old as she was, she wasn’t stupid. Will was way too calm for this to have been any kind of accident. And that meant that despite her best efforts, Will had probably had sex as a girl, and, as so often happened to teenagers who tried these things, loved it.

Mariah let out a long sigh. She’d have to get used to having a promiscuous daughter.


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