Witness Protection Witness Protrusions!

The witness protection program advanced enough to instantly change appearance and now gender. They used Ted as a test subject, after he signed a waver without reading it. To his shock, when he woke, he had soft milky white skin, huge weights on his chest that were ultra sensitive, and a new void between his legs! As he, well SHE opened her eyes, a message on the ceiling gave her the new name and information she would now be using. Bella O’Hare would be her new name, and she looked like an Irish lass with a nice fine ass!

They wasted now time, even as she stared up at the mirror that appeared on the ceiling as she still was lying down, the nurses brought her a floral green dress and matching heels to try on, along with a huge bra, panties, and shiny nude sheer hose to give her pale new legs a little color. The told her to put them on and get to the new life application booth to get her next phase of witness protection going, integration into society!

“Miss Bella Jenna O’Hare, you are hereby going to be a secretary at the local insurance firm. No one will ever suspect you were the drug dealing, money stealing Ted from that gang that is looking for you! Be obedient to your boss, and do your coworkers well, and you will thrive there. Just be warned they are known to be a bit chauvinistic and harassing with women. We can’t do a thing about it, they fund most of our research. Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be fine. Also on a side note, dresses, or skirts and blouses are required along with pantyhose and four inch heels minimum at the office. As well, we might warn you the boss there loves special favors from his secretaries if you know we mean. Let’s just say you might be taking “dick-tation” in his private office frequently. As we said we can’t do anything, we need the funding, and they want newly changed witness protection users to see their investment up close! You are the first in the male to female area, so do us and them proud Miss O’Hare. Shake that new large round Irish ass like you just don’t care! When they say get coffee you go get it! Don’t worry you still have five weeks life training here first, before we let you go. During that time we will teach you the ins and outs of your new body, and how to use it!”

Ted was shocked, he was a busty short redheaded woman, named Bella O’Hare who would have to be a “sexretary” at the most chauvinistic company in the area! As she rubbed her new ass, she realized it would get slapped and squeezed more times than she would like and to make matters worse, there was nothing she could do about it but take it in stride.


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