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Middle of Nowhere, Montana

Where am I? What am I doing here? All I remember is walking. Why am I naked? I’m, I’m a girl? Why is a naked girl walking all alone in the middle of no where? How did I get here? I can’t remember! Do I remember my name? Amanda? That sounds right. Why can’t I remember anything else? A road! Maybe it will lead somewhere. Somewhere I can get answers. An old pick up truck is stopping. An old man is getting out. Read more

Witness Protection Witness Protrusions!

The witness protection program advanced enough to instantly change appearance and now gender. They used Ted as a test subject, after he signed a waver without reading it. To his shock, when he woke, he had soft milky white skin, huge weights on his chest that were ultra sensitive, and a new void between his legs! As he, well SHE opened her eyes, a message on the ceiling gave her the new name and information she would now be using. Bella O’Hare would be her new name, and she looked like an Irish lass with a nice fine ass! Read more