Shouldn’t Sneak In On Momma Part 1

“Oh honey, you shouldn’t sneak in on Momma like that!” I said as my boyfriend walked into the room and saw my naked body laying on the couch, legs spread.
“What? Why did you call yourself that?” he said hesitantly, but the confusion in his voice quickly faded. I’m laying naked on the couch, I didn’t really think he’d care what I called myself. It didn’t take any more prompting for him to get undressed, but as soon as he did he noticed something was wrong.
“Okay, I know I was bigger than that earlier,” he said, pointing worriedly at his member.
“You’re right,” I said, as not only that got smaller, but he got shorter as well. “You’re getting younger by the second, and in less than a minute you’ll be nothing but a fertilized egg in my womb. I’m unbirthing you, sweetie.” I smiled at him as he lost about another foot of height. He just looked to me with shock.
“That’s why my legs are open wide: already you can feel yourself being drawn towards my pussy, and I have to give you easy access!” I told him as I noticed he slowly waked towards my vagina. He got younger still. And closer. And closer. I shouted as he entered my body, but within moments it was done. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. My boyfriend was gone. I rubbed my belly, still flat for the time being.
“See you again in nine months.”


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