Wishes from a Coin

“No, no, you have to HOLD the coin in your hand like this, see? That’s the only way it’ll grant you your wishes.”

Jake and Dan were outcasts, and as such were not able to get the dates they needed to attend the end of the year ball at their school. However, Dan stumbled across an old magic shop that promised to solve their problems — with a magical coin.

“And I just wish for you to turn into a girl and that’s it? Seems… too easy.”

Dan shook his head. “We will go ‘as a couple’, turn the right number of heads, get you popular again, and then get out. No funny stuff, no kissing, and we will change me back to a guy again. I trust you. You’ll do the same thing for me next year, I’m sure.”

Shrugging, Jake held the coin like Dan told him to. “I wish Dan was… a hot and sexy girl!”

Dan gasped, but let the changes take hold of him. When they had subsided, a beautiful brunette stood there, mouth agape and looking over herself. “This is incredible, it really worked!” Then, twirling around, she winked at Jake. “How do I look?”

Jake had to take a moment to absorb that the magical coin really was magical, and that his best friend stood before him… well… replaced by the hottest girl he’s ever seen. Maybe her appearance was based on his personal taste. Yikes.

Jake gulped. “Let’s get to the ball before I get too horny, for this, Dan. Well, we should call you something else. Let’s go with Dani. I’m certain no one will be the wiser.”

Nodding, Dani slipped on her dress as agreed upon earlier, and they made for their car.

“Look who decided to show up! It’s Jacob! And who is THIS pretty young thing?”

Adam Crabapple. What a dick, thought Dani. He was part of the reason they were doing this in the first place.

Forcing a smile, Dan managed to say a few words. “My name is Dani, and I’m Jake’s date for tonight.” Then, she wrapped one arm around Jake’s, and turned to leave with him.

She stopped when Adam and his friends started laughing at them and calling her a “slut-for-hire.” This wasn’t going as well as they had planned.

Jake reached into his pocket and pulled out the coin. He was ready to wish Adam would turn into a REAL crabapple, but one of Adam’s friends ripped it from his hand from behind. The whole thing happened so fast, Dani hardly had time to yelp.

“Hey, give that back!” Jake demanded.

“You wish! What were you going to do, throw this at us? Whole lotta good that would do you. I’m keeping the change.” The boys laughed. Dani steamed, visibly.

“You stupid sacks of shit, give it back to us and leave us alone.” Dani tried to make herself look intimidating, but that proved to be difficult with her… pleasing appearance.

“Whoa, whoa, hey there.” The guy flipped the coin up and down in his hand. “I wish you would be more ladylike. We are in public, you know.” They all laughed again. The guy tossed the coin over to Adam.

A shiver trickled down Dani’s spine as he made the wish. Something clicked, throwing Dan off his regular tracks. She shook her head, and smiled sweetly, “I’m so sorry guys, I don’t know what came over me. May we please have the coin back? Me and Jake would like to just have a nice evening together.”

Jake started to sweat. He was hoping maybe the wish didn’t kick in so thoroughly for his friend, but he had to play along. “Yeah, you heard her. Can we please just forget this whole thing and move along?”

Adam sighed a bored sigh. “Fine.” He smiled at the hot girl on Jake’s arm. “Though I do wish you’d be MY date for tonight. I think we’d have a lot of fun.”

That chill again. Suddenly Dani felt like it would all be okay if she just gave in. Would it be so bad to be Adam’s date for tonight? Probably not. And they *could* have a lot of fun. “Sure! Why not?” Dani let go of Jake’s arm and started to saunter -very ladylike – over to Adam.

Jake was mystified. “…Dani? You okay?”

“Yeah! I’m fine. You go on ahead without me, and we will meet up later.” She winked at Jake. Jake wasn’t sure what the wink meant. Good wink? Bad wink? Either way, he still didn’t have the coin.

“Damn, girl, you are pretty easily convinced!” Adam said to her as they walked arm in arm through the crowd. “You didn’t want to be with a loser nobody like Jake anyway.”

Dani still knew that the key to getting her manhood back was with that coin in her date’s pocket. She had to figure out a way to get to it. Maybe…

“How about you and I find somewhere a little more private for a little while?” She cooed at him. She figured if she had these feminine mannerisms, she should probably take advantage of them.

Without flinching, Adam grabbed her arm and directed her to a back hallway. He looked around quickly to see if anyone had followed them – they hadn’t – and then looked hungrily at his date. “I like that you aren’t the ‘hard-to-get’ type.” He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers.

It was all Dani could do not to refuse it and vomit. She still liked girls, not guys. But, this was a means to an end. She started working her hand into his trouser pockets, feeling around for the coin. All this while her tongue was wrapped around his.

Taking a moment to breathe, Adam said, “Someone’s feeling lucky!” He then grabbed her slender hand in his pocket, and moved it so that she was touching his solid dick.

She got desperate. After the quick touch she revolted, went back to looking for the coin more forcefully until she had her hand on it, and yanked it from his pants. “I wish…!”

But she was too late. Adam grabbed it from her hands again and then with his other hand grabbed her and pulled her to the floor. “What IS this? Who are you anyway? You’re so desperate for this coin, aren’t you? What did you want to wish for, huh?”

Dani looked up at Adam, but said nothing.

“Here, I’ll humor you.” Then, holding the coin like she was just a second ago, “I wish you were hotter.”

It happened in a flash. Dani’s sexy girl-next-door look gave way to a beach babe body, with blonde highlights and a killer ass. It was what Adam preferred in girls, anyway.

“Holy shit.”

“Happy now?” Dani crossed her arms and looked away from Adam. Her breasts were even bigger than before.

“Hell yeah I am. I have no idea what this is but you are GORGEOUS now, babe! This coin did that!?”

“Jake will be here any minute now to st–“

“Ah, well I wish you’d forget about Jake. I also wish Jake would forget about you. How’s that?”

“How’s what?”

Adam smiled, “Exactly.”

“Listen, Adam. I need that back so that I can get back to being myself again.”

“What do you mean? You got me, you got a smoking hot body, girl, what more do you need?”

Dani was silent. She didn’t want to admit she was actually a man. Adam really thought she was a girl this whole time… giving that away might…

“I’ll make things better for you, sweetheart. Trust me. I wish that you forgot about this silly coin and whatever it did to you, because you’re perfect. I wish that you would accept the girl that you are right now, and that you would live happily as my sexy girlfriend Dani from here on.”

She shook her head again as her mind was jostled back into place. It was like waking up from a dream that felt like it had taken years to get through. When she finally cleared her head, she looked at her boyfriend and smiled. “Sorry Adam, I’m not sure why we were fighting. I’d like it very much if we could go back to making out.”

Adam pocketed something, and smiled at her. It warmed her heart to see him look at her like that. He held her in his arms, and they shared an intimate moment together.

Jake, meanwhile, didn’t have a date to this stupid ball. He wasn’t sure why he came here in the first place.


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