Wish coin infidelities

“And you’re sure this thing is real?” Aaron asked, looking around the garage.

“What, do you think I put on all these muscles over night? Of course it works. It’s good for one wish per person. You’re my best bud so I thought I’d give you a crack at it.” Tom replied

“Ok, here goes. I wish everyday I woke up in bed with the girl of my dreams.”

There was a puff of smoke and when it cleared a surprised looking woman was standing where Aaron had been.

“What the fuck!?” She gasped. She was dressed like Aaron and even had the same hair cut, but the curves of her body indicated she was clearly a woman.

“Oh shit!” Tom cursed.

“It turned me into a fucking woman!” Aaron gasped and reached up and grabbed his boobs.

“Shit man, I guess it turned you into the girl of your dreams! We’ll wait until Claire gets home. I haven’t told her about the coin yet, she can wish you back to normal.” Tom said.

“You told your friend before you told your wife?” Aaron gasped.

“Bros before…” Tom trailed off, “I’ll go call her.”

“Hold on a second.” Aaron said, “You’ve got to at least give me a chance to look this body over, ok? I might not want to be my dream girl, but this is still the body of my dream girl.” Aaron said and smirked, pulling his clothes off.

Tom stood there dumbfounded and watched as the trim naked girl ran her hands over her body.

“Shit, tit’s and a pussy!” Aaron gasped and laughed, running his hands over them “I never thought I’d-” He paused as his fingers met his crotch. His eyes lit up and he looked at Tom and licked his lips. “Dude, you’ve got to fuck me.”

Tom balked, trying to ignore the erection he had, “What? No way!” Tom hissed.

“Dude come on, how many guys get to know what it’s like to be a girl? I mean really be a girl? Plus, come on. You’ve been with Claire for like 7 years now. You can’t tell me you haven’t wanted to stick your dick in someone else, just to remind yourself of what it’s like, right?”

Tom paused, “I don’t want to have an affair-”

“It’s not an affair.” Aaron said, and stepped up to Tom, who now was much taller than him, “It’s a one time thing. Please? My dream girl’s a bit of a slut.” Aaron said and reached his hand into Tom’s pants, grabbing his dick and giving it a few pumps.

In no time at all Aaron was bent over some stuff in the garage, Tom’s cock pistoning in and out of him. He moaned loudly and couldn’t believe how good it felt. Tom reached up and grabbed his breasts and he groaned loudly.

Not long after they both came, Tom firing his load into Aaron’s pussy. Aaron stood there gasping for breath, never having felt so satisfied in all his life.

“Shit. I should have used a condom.” Tom said.

“Why? I’m clean.”

“What if I knocked you up?” Tom complained.

Aaron felt a chill run through his body at the thought. Aaron had always wanted a big family. His dream girl would too…

“I’ll be a guy again soon, don’t worry about it.” Aaron said, “When’s Claire due home, cause I want to do that again.”

“Dude, no. Once was bad enough. Put your clothes on and don’t say a fucking word to Claire. Ever.” Tom said.

After some explaining when Claire got home, she reluctantly agreed to use her wish to turn her husband’s friend back into a man. Only it didn’t work. She made the wish and nothing happened. A suddenly very nervous Aaron spent the night at their place and they tried again in the morning. And the next morning. And the next. Finally in a rage Claire held the coin and wished she knew why it wasn’t working.

Boy was she mad when she realized Aaron was hyperfertile and had fucked Tom. For her revenge she decided not to tell them why, enjoying watching them both squirm. She wondered when Aaron would realize she was pregnant.


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