Empty monorail

It was really weird to find a completely empty monorail car, expecially at peak hour. I sat ocuppying two seats. As the train started moving, the light started to flicker. I jumped, scared, when I saw a man standing infront of me. As I was about to scream, I noticed he was taking pictures.

I felt my hair touching my breasts, wait, did I just say breasts, I thought, I looked at my legs, and realized they were smooth, and thin. I was wearing sandals, and some really short shorts. I must have had a really mad expression, because my photographer then said “smile Amy”. I looked at him, kind of confused, but I smiled. “You are so sexy” he said, and he was right, I felt so sexy, I started posing for him, I revealed my wet pussy for the next picture. I then told him, “well, you know, if we stop shooting right now, we still have 10 minutes till we reach the end of the line. And I bet we can do it right here” I said. He put his camera down, and as he took his belt off, I wrapped my legs around him, and with one quick smooth motion, I got his thing inside my wet slit.


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