Who’s the one with the balls now?

Jenny was a battered downtrodden wife who was sick and tired of her husband having all the power just because he had a dick between his legs.

So with the aid of a magic spell she got off the Internet she managed to swap their bodies just to teach her husband what it was like being treated like a worthless piece of shit .

Jenny you are so fucking full of shit.

I don’t know how you did it and I don’t care just change us back now before I get cross and do something I would regret shouted Matthew to his wife in his body.

Jenny just looked down at her husband in her body and said you’re not the strong and powerful one now.

you’re just a weak and feeble woman so if you do not want to experience what you have put me through for the past 5 years you will shut your goddamn mouth and do as you are told OKAY! which really put the fear of god into Matthew and made him just as obedient as she was.


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