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Oh Really?

“Listen honey, I have something I want to talk to you about.” Billy said to his loving wife Maria.
“Of course lover, anything.” She replied.
“I have something I’ve been hiding from you.” He confessed.
“Oh really?” She asked, feigning concern. “Go on.”
“Yeah. I haven’t been fully satisfied in bed.” He said. “It’s not that I don’t love you, I do. Nor that I’ve been cheating. I’d never. But I have a… quirk that needs addressing.”
“Quirk? Whatever do you mean?” She asked, giddily awaiting his confession to the fetish she knows he has.
“A fetish.” He said.
“Like feet or leather?” She asked, now just toying with him even though she knew full well from his browser history what it was.
“No… not really that weird, it’s just kinda…”
“Out with it!” She demanded, her patience growing thin.
“I have a makeup fetish.” He said, blushing. “I love it when a woman wears a ton of slutty makeup. It gets me so hot. Sometimes I worry when I walk around the city and see girls all done up for acting gigs, or jobs, or clubs. I’m afraid I’ll get an obvious hard on.”
“Oh sweetie. That’s fine. See, I haven’t been totally honest with you either.”
“Oh really?” Billy asked, no expecting this.
“Yes. See I’m in a unique position to make this cosmetic fantasy of yours a reality.” She smiled, drawing him into a chair in front of her vanity which was lined with makeup. “Choose.” She said.
“Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Maria!” He said and kissed her on the cheek. She grinned a devilish grin as he chose the sluttiest makeup on her vanity, this was all by design. She planted it there for him to find. She knew him well. “Done!” He said. “I’ll just wait while you…”
“Sure thing doll.” She said, emphasis on the word ‘doll’ and she snapped as he fell into a deep sleep, as though a toy run out of batteries. He froze, head still held up suspended by magic. Stiff like a pose-able toy. She then went to work. She first coated his skin liberally with moisturizer. Not just his face either. She painted his whole body with the stuff, it removed all dead skin, muscle, wrinkles, and body hair. This began to slowly work its way into the skin and change his body for the more feminine. Slenderizing him but not doing much else. He sprouted a proud set of curves, but mostly looked like a very feminine boy’s body with hips, long legs, thin waist and just a hint of breasts. She then coated his face with concealer. With it his imperfections were erased, as well as his facial hair. She then spackled his face with foundation that gave his skin an even, painted tone. In a flight of fancy she poked a small beauty mark on his cheek which became real. She then brushed dark powder onto his eyebrows which thinned them as they were drawn into perfect arches. Next she applied copious amounts of eye shadow, first a primer which smoothed the skin. Then light eye shadow for the highlights, and then a vibrant, slutty aqua. This process made his eyes grow big and sexy. Nextly came blush which literally made his cheekbones pop out. Last she snapped and woke him.
“…Put it on.” He stopped. “I feel funny.” He glanced in the mirror and gasped. “I’m… I’m…”
“You’re gorgeous.” Maria said. “Albeit slightly vain for me to say to the man who will be me soon.”
“What?” Billy asked. “You? I… Oh…” He looked down. His prick was twitching and painfully harder than it had ever been. “Oh god, yes!” He moaned as his voice rose an octave and became hers. She snapped again as his body began to shift more. Small tits budding on his chest, black curls bursting from his head. His cock came, but began to shrink into a tight wet, drooling pussy. His ears became pierced and his nails grew long and manicured. Then small orbs of silicone grew under his new breasts stretching them into rounder, faker tits. Just like his wife.
“Are you ready for the last touch?” His wife asked in his voice. Billy opened his eyes to see Billy. His wife had become him. And he looked so hot. In his hand was a tube of lipstick. Bright pink and glossy. All he could do was moan and nod yes with his big doe eyes. As the naked man drew closer to him, his own erect cock close enough to his face he could smell it and feel it’s heat. His wife in his body leaned down and with several careful strokes painted the new woman’s lips which promptly expanded under their spell. Overcome with lust she thrust her whorish mouth over the cock and sucked. Lubricating it.
“Look up, I want to see that face while I fuck my tits.” His wife commanded. She did as she was told looking up.
“I love you. Thank you. I never want this to stop. He said with his wife’s mouth.
“Oh really.” She replied, planning.

Different body.

Phil stood in the doorway in his wife’s body after taking a long and hot sensual shower still trying to pluck up the courage to climb into bed with his former body and do what comes natural to a married couple. Read more