When Ted said he wanted to get his hands on some Whoppers, he meant the chocolate malt candies. His girlfriend, having just started learning magic arts, thought he meant he wanted a girl with huge “whoppers” for breasts. She was very high strung about her body image, and she was a small chested gal herself. Taking offense, as if she didn’t have that aspect to offer him, and not wanted to make her own breasts bigger with magic, decided to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t expect!

She changed him into a female version of himself, in fact even his dark clothes changed along with his body, until he was now an extreme busted brunette chick, his boobs so big they burst through his new black top, as his hips, thighs, and bottom end expanded in the new black opaque pantyhose he was now wearing. At least the hose stretched along with those changes.

Ted tilted his head to the side, and touched one of the heavy weights now on his chest in shock, “What just happened here? What happened to me, my body, my voice… I’m have huge boobs, I’m a… I’m a… CHICK! This hair, these boobs, my cock is gone! I have a pussy! What am I wearing? PANTYHOSE? My voice is so high it’s annoying me, and it’s MY voice! Tabitha, did you have something to do with this?!”

Tabatha, his girlfriend, replied, “Um, well yeah…. You said you wanted to get your hands on some “whoppers” so I gave you some. As if my chest wasn’t enough for you, just because I’m a little small. You wanted them so much, now you can get your hands on them anytime, Ted… or maybe we should just call you Tess now? Sound better you big tit bitch? Take a look in the mirror babe, if you can stand up with those things, and see for yourself my handiwork. You’re all woman now babe. You men and your infatuation with big boobs, now you can have them 24/7, no need to check out “OTHER” women now, you are one of us and have your own set now! By the way nice top and pantyhose… ha, ha! I think you might need a bigger top though, or maybe I can loan you one of my dresses now, though I doubt it could fit on that body. You are MISS curvaceous or something now, wow what a curvy bust bitch you’ve become. By the way I think you need to brush out that hair, it looks a little nasty, and a girl needs to take care of her hair, and YOUR A GIRL NOW!”

Ted said, “WHAT?! YOU FLIPPING DID THIS?! CHANGE ME BACK THIS INSTANT! THIS ISN’T EVEN WHAT I MEANT! I said I wanted Whoppers the candies, not HUGE BOOBS, and especially not on MY CHEST! I mean… WOW, just wow look at these things! It’s like I have built in torpedoes or something!”

Tabitha replied, “Ted, Tess, whatever, I don’t believe you. You men are all the same. Perhaps as a woman, you’ll be different. I’m flipping done with men all together anyway. Be glad I changed you, now we can start this relationship over again on the right foot, and speaking of feet, watch getting up, I see you’re running shoes are now four inch heels, babe. I’m sorry about this, but I think I can be with you better like this anyway, and it wouldn’t have mattered if I couldn’t, the change was permanent, I can’t do reversible spells yet. Looks like you are stuck with those whoppers you wanted, Tess babe. If you really were telling the truth, which I very much doubt, then I’m sorry, but to me this was an improvement anyway, I’m actually into chicks more anyway, especially busty ones like you. Imagine that, we have that in common, we both like big boobs.”

Tess said, “I can’t believe this, you want me to be your girlfriend now, and the change is permanent anyway. I’m stuck with these… the rest of my days? I’m stuck with a pussy, and this fat ass? All this hair? This soft pudgy body, I’m stuck with? You know what, believe what you want, I was asking for the candies, and now with this body, I look like I’ve been eating too many candies! I’m flipping chunky wow. If you are right and this is permanent, then you better get big boobs too then, it’s the least you can do since you did this for basically no reason, except what you thought I was talking about in your own mind. If I’m going to be your busty girlfriend, then you better be busty along with me, I don’t want to be the complete center of attention when we go out. I can’t believe this, I’m stuck a chick with monster tits. I’m going to have creeps eyeing me everywhere unless I get a super large ugly ass gray sweatshirt or something. Even then they will be noticeable. Since I’m stuck like this, however, I’m going to admit something, I’ve wondered how they felt from a woman’s perspective, I bet many guys have… they just don’t talk about it. Not just to touch them, but to actually have them, to feel them when you touch them, you know? They don’t feel that bad now that I’m getting used to them already. The heels, though, we are going to talk about those, I think those flats you girls wear would be better, especially with my heavy body. I guess I shouldn’t say “you” girls now, I guess what “us” girls wear now…. Ugh, I still can’t believe this, one comment misunderstood, and my life is changed beyond belief! You better do this for me, Tabitha!”

Tabitha paused then responded to her new “girlfriend” Tess, “Well, we’ll see…. I’m not so sure I’m keen on changing my own body, I’m used to it the way it is, but then again, I look at what I did to you, and you have to get used to what I did. Maybe I’ll do it, if you really were telling the truth like you say, it’s the least I can do, you are right. It would take the complete attention off you and put it on both of us. I… suppose I’ll do it. You’ll be my girlfriend right?”

“Yes, I will, I still love you Tabitha, I still feel the same way about you, I just have a different body now is all, I’m just more physically like you now, well minus the boobs and fat ass of course, but you know what I mean, I’m a woman like you now. Just one thing, though, I don’t want to be named just an offshoot of my name Ted to Tess, what about I pick a name? I want something exotic, maybe Tatiana? It will make me sound foreign, and in some weird way, once people know my name is Tatiana, and I do a fake accent, maybe they won’t think I’m just some big boob bimbo with implants… thought these are real, very real,” said Tess or maybe now Tatiana.

“Tatiana it is, and I’ll do the breast enlargement on myself. I’m starting to believe you were telling the truth, you’ve been a woman now for a bit, and still stuck with your story, even though now you have “whoppers” on your chest. I guess I’ll change to as big as you at least,” said Tabitha.

Tabitha did another permanent spell, and her breasts expanded to a bit larger than Tatiana’s! This would take all the focus off of just Tatiana now, and put it on both, maybe even more on Tabitha now as she was the bustier of the two girlfriends! Tabitha even made herself curvaceous and thick, just like Tatiana, so they would be more on equal footing.

Tabitha said, “Well I did it and wow these are heavy and big, this is new to me too, I’ve never had breasts this size before either, just wow. As for the heel thing, I love heels, you’ll have to wear them too if I do, don’t worry we’ll find comfortable ones. Those you have on now were just a transformation from your running shoes, I’m sure we can find you something else. I want us to both clank together, two high heeled babes making our sounds as we strut our stuff in public. This is going to be great, I can tell already, two busty girlfriends take on the world!”

“Thank you for at least doing that, and I guess I’ll try with the heels. I’m going to have to get used to my new center of balance though before I worry about balancing in heels though. I mean this is way different than my skinny male body. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing though, I’m kind of liking feeling soft and thick like this, it’s way different, but it feels nice too, so sensual,” said Tatiana.

“Tatiana, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Also, since you didn’t go ape nuts on me for what happened, and are willing to be my partner still, I’m willing to forgo any further magic use. I think we are good now, and I don’t need it any longer. On a side note, we are BOTH going to have to order bras online now, I doubt the local stores carry anything in our bra sizes. By the way you are 34M, and I’m 34Q so yeah…. we are large and in charge,” said Tabitha smiling.


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