Great Shift: How the Shift still changes things

Norton was carefully adjusting his attire for the evening at the bars. The Great Shift had been good to him when it shifted his highly average body to a more fit and good looking one a month ago.
It was worse for his friend and roommate Clyde that got shifted into this woman across town. Norton was glad that Clyde at least was home and safe.
As he was finishing up the last details he heard a muffled sob from the room next to this. “Oh boy, here we go again”. His friend had become all moody after the Shift and Norton was the one that picked up the pieces and reassembled them again.
“Yo buddy! How´s it going?”, Norton said when he entered the room where Clyde was sitting in the sofa, surrounded by paper napkins.
Clyde grabbed another napkin, blowing his nose.
“That bad huh?”, Norton scratched his stubbled chin. Those hormones was really getting to him and his new body.
“Cheer up a little, buddy. It have been a month now. You need to leave the apartment once in a while. Have some drinks, dance a little, relax”.
The lip quivered slightly on Clyde. “I can´t” he whispered half-crying.
“Of course you can. Just put on something that will look nice on you. There ought to be a jersey or something that can cover that fat belly of yours”.
The slight quiver on the lip slowly transformed into a desperate whining cry where the tears flowed like streams from his eyes.
“I can´t”, Clyde lamented, still whining under the heavy sobs.
“And why is that?”, Norton wondered whilst he sat down in the sofa next to Clyde and held his arms around the more dimunitive form of his friend.
“Because I am pregnant”, Clyde sobbed and caressed his belly “I will become a mother in seven months”.
“Oh shit!”


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