Zero to Popular

I was not happy, I had just been diagnosed with Second Puberty and wasn’t looking forward to going back to school with it. I already wasn’t popular and I knew this was only going to lead to more bullying and of course it did, both from guys and girls calling me a sissy and a girl.

Then it started, the breasts. It was like over a week I went from flat to stacked. I mean look at these things, they’re huge. This resulted in two bad things, one the guys were now checking me out all the time looking to get a glimpse of my rack, and the girls were super jealous. I was getting asked out all the time, flirted with and hit on…it was awkward for a while but soon I just embraced it and started to climb the social ladder.

By the start of me senior year my transition had stopped and I was a full on sexy babe, my grades had slipped a little but I was still an upper B+ low A- student, I was wildly popular with guys and girls and somehow this condition that I had cursed at the start for the teasing had ended up making me wildly popular. My Social Media blows up with total strangers checking out pics of me. It’s all so wild to go from Zero to Popular.


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