When dreams become reality

John was having the most wonderful dream. He had just finished changing into a girl – a petite brunette with creamy white skin and a nice heart shaped ass – and his girlfriend Amy was probing his pussy with a dildo. The sex toy felt larger than it originally looked. It hurt a little as Amy pushed it farther inside his wet cunt. It seemed to be expanding inside his tight vagina as it continued to slide, and it felt strangely warm.

John gasped and his eyes shot wide open as he felt Amy finish inserting her new dick into his cunt. All of John’s memories rushed back to him as his dull, sleepy mind slowly shook itself out of its daze. John and Amy had been fooling around with the Medallion of Zulo. John had used it to change into a woman and Amy had given him the best oral sex of his life, right before he had a massive female orgasm and drifted off to sleep, basking in the wonderful afterglow. But what was Amy doing now?

“Amy? What’s going on?” hissed John as Amy started to repeatedly thrust her large organ into the narrow opening of his pussy.

“You had your fun, now it’s time for me to have mine,” grunted Amy as she increased her pace. “I used the medallion to change into a guy while you were asleep. I tried masturbating, and now I want to need to try the real thing.”

“But did you have to make it so big?” whined John.

Amy smiled as she continued to pound into him, her large hard throbbing rod straining as it work its way past his constricting vaginal muscles.

“Trust me, you’ll thank me when it’s over, ” said Amy. “Bigger is better and any girl who tells you different is a damn liar.”

As Amy’s long cock slithered inside him and seemed to erotically stimulate the entire length of his pussy simultaneously, he had to admit she was right.


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