What’s it like?

I had always dreamed of being a woman. I wanted to know the feeling of having breasts. The feeling of having a wet slit between my legs. But as time went on I had to push that desire back and focus on making it through life. I met a wonderful woman who became my girlfriend. I eventually shared with her my desire and she was intrigued which really surprised me.

Turns out her mother is an alchemist and was able to make a couple of potions for us. my girlfriend brought four potions home with her. One lightly pink and one hot pink. One light blue and one dark blue. She hands me the pink ones and says the light one will turn me into a woman for 24 hours and the hot pink will make it forever. She says the same goes for the blue ones but they will make her male. We are going to try lesbian sex and then she is going to make me into a woman.

I drink the light pink potion and begin feeling really REALLY horny. I lay down to jack off but she intervenes and sucks my cock until I orgasm. After my orgasm my penis shrinks into my body forming a slit. My breasts go out and my hips widen. My hair grows out to my back. I stand up and take off my now really tight red shirt and stand in awe at my new body.

My girlfriend walks up to me and begins massaging my new slit and I almost lose it there. We go into the bedroom and we start grinding our vaginas together. We both orgasm multiple times that night.

I wake up in the morning to a man standing over me with a huge hard-on. He says that he drank the light blue potion and is now going to show me what being a woman is all about. He gets in the bed with me grabbing my legs and holding them up and apart. He inches closer and closer to my slit until I can feel his head begin to part my lips. He goes in so slow and it drives me insane. I begins to pull out and then goes back in. I can only think about how I am being fucked by my boyfriend (at the time).

Afterwards we both decide to make it permanent with the other 2 potions. I drink my pink one first and not only does it make it permanent but it also makes my breasts enlarge, my pussy tighten, and my lust for my boyfriend grow immensely. Anytime he touches my body it send shivers across my body. I am now super sensitive to his touch.

He drinks the permanent potion and his cock grows another 3 inches long and 2 inches more around. His muscles all over his body are more tone. He also becomes super sensitive towards my touch. Just by touching his cock I can make him beg for more.

We have sex again after that and it was amazing. I find out 2 months after, that I am pregnant with our first child and I plan to be the most amazing mother I can be, with an amazing husband on my side.


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