now you believe me?

I had put my roommate James into a trance. It’s his fault, he told me hypnosis was not a real thing. “What if I can prove you are wrong?” I asked him. “Well, if you can put me into a trance, I’ll be your slave for a month, and if you lose you’ll be my slave for 2 months” he said. It wasn’t a fair bet, but I was sure I could put him under hypnosis.

I went to the kitchen and prepared a special kind of tea. “Here, drink this” I told him while I dimmed the room lights. “Hey dude, I told you you should hypnotise me, not seduce me” he said jockingly. “Drink your tea, it will help you relax” I told him. After drink it, I told him the usual steps, asking him to relax his body, forget his worries, to only listen to the sound of my voice. When I knew he was completely relaxed, I started to make suggestions.

“What is your name?” I asked him, “James. you know that” he said. I told him he was wrong, “your name is Amy”. He looked confused. “So, I ask you again, what is your name?”, “Amy. My name is Amy” he answered. I kept talking to him, “are you a woman?”, “no, I am a man, although I have a girl’s name for some reason” he said. “Your wrong, you are a woman, and you have always been a woman”, after looking confused, he then said “you are right, I am a woman, I don’t know why I thought otherwise”. It was at that moment, that the tea started its work, changing his body to whatever his mind thought of himself. He grew breasts, his equipment retracted, hair grew longer, face became feminine, you know the usual stuff. After a few more suggestions, I had Amy believing she was my girlfriend, and not only that she was a bimbo. “I am going to count down from 10, when I reach 1, you will wake up” I told her.

After the countdown, she woke up, she smiled, and went straight for my pants. She ripped them off, and started giving me a blowjob. Then we went to my bedroom, and we had sex. She was kinky as hell, scratching me and biting me whenever she had the chance. I could see her breasts bouncing, her nipples hard. Then, as we both came in synch, I saw her expression change. “Ohhh shit” she said. I knew the hypnosis had ran off. “Dude! what the hell?!” she asked. She knew exactly what had happened, “why did you turn me into a girl? and had sex with me?” she asked.

“I told you hypnosis was real! sorry dude, I don’t have to answer your questions, it was your bet, you are my slave for a month” I said. She knew she had no choice. During the whole month, I treated her quite well, like she was really my girlfriend. I always called her Amy, and acted like James never existed. I knew she was discusted by the idea of sleeping with a man, so I refrained from touching the subject. One day before the month ran out, we had sex. I didn’t ask her, she was the one that came on to me. I guess she wanted to try it out one more time before she was a man again.

The next day, as we were cuddling I told her, “It is over dude, it is time to turn you back”. But she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about “dude? who are you calling dude? I am your girlfriend Amy”. I knew she was lying. But I didn’t care, better to have Amy as my girlfriend, than James as a friend. We continued dating, and hopefully one day we will marry. After all, two months ago I got her pregnant.


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