What got into him?

Jordan could swear that his friend Mike is acting strange lately. He didn’t knew what was wrong with him but Mike was becoming girly. He was all sweet, liked cute things and even started to flirt with him. Jordan tried to confront him but Mike denied there was any change in his behavior. Maybe it was a joke played on him? Jordan couldn’t figure out what’s on his mind.
It was few days later at the pool. Mike squealed in excitment and ran over the edge. “Come on! The water is great” Mike said cheerfully, inviting his friend to join. “Jesus , Mike stop embarassing yourself” Jordan was aproaching his friend but he stopped midway. “What?” Mike asked him. Jordan stood with his eyes wide open. His friend Mike had long hair and his body was much smaller. Then Mike’s chest started to expand, forming a nice pair of firm breasts. Jordan thought he is halucinating as Mike’s body was changing until he turned into a hot, blonde girl.
“You’re comming or you gonna leave me here alone?” Michelle was getting impatient. “Sorry i… Have to go for a moment” Jordan turned over and left quickly, shocked about what he just witnessed. Michelle watched him living and let out a big sigh. “I swear this guy is acting strange lately”


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