When fiction becomes reality

This time it was different. As I typed, I could feel my body changing. Every letter I typed for this caption, the changes became more and more apparent. First my hands looked quite feminine. I continued typing, realizing the changes had spread to my wrists. Part of me wanted to stop, but the rest was eager to see more changes. My arm hair became thinner and lighter. As the changes reached my shoulders, I felt my back crack. I started to become a little shorter.

I have always been thin, so it was weird to feel my chest and ass expand. At the same time the changes were spreading to my legs, my face was also changing. I could feel my eyelashes become a bit larger and full, my lips felt soft too. My bushy beard just desintegrated. Then I felt my hair growing to 24 or so inches. As I looked down I noticed my legs looked feminine too. I didn’t expect it, but my clothes had changed too.

As I finish typing this, I have finally become a woman. I feel sexy, I feel hot. I don’t think I had ever noticed this before, but the guy at the next cubicle is looking kind of hot. Anyways I have to go.



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