Wedding bliss

Ryan in Diana’s body was prepped and ready to receive his husband’s dick inside of him on wedding night, when suddenly a burst of static interrupted his reverie. He picked up the CB radio his sister Diana had left him for emergencies. “What is it now, Sis?” he asked irately, as he felt soft blonde tresses tickling his bosom in his white wedding dress. “I’m wearing the dress you picked out, the panties you picked out, and I even married your fiance because you were too chickenshit to walk down the aisle. What else do you want?”

“Ryan, just make sure that you don’t let him…**garbled static**…as it will…**static sounds**…make it….” Ryan couldn’t make out the last bit and just shrugged it off, throwing the CB radio set into the corner as his new husband approached the bed.

“Everything alright, honey?” Fred asked. His hand began to slide up toward Rick’s panties. “Diana?”

“Come to bed, baby, I want you,” Rick whispered in Diana’s voice, marveling at how one magic stone and his sister’s cowardice had completely changed his life.


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