Shocked but Happy

Jack was shocked, but happy, he woke up in his aunt Wanda’s sexy body. He thought it was kind of interesting, and he felt good, just different, though the void between his legs would take some getting used to. He thought his boobs were amazing, along with his butt, and the hair felt so silky and soft, it was nice to have such long hair feeling so good. Then he remembered something else about his aunt.

His aunt was the town slut, and she had been with many guys in town, sometimes more than one at once! He wondered if he would be into dudes now too having her body. He also wondered how this happened. It turns out that the Great Shift was responsible, and in fact his aunt was in his body. Jack’s curiosity on his orientation would soon subside as the plumber arrived at Wanda’s house.

He couldn’t explain it, but the plumber was looking good to him! He started thinking nasty things to do with him too! He tried to put it out of his mind, but he was too horny to do so! Soon enough, he was riding the plumber, and it felt wonderful! Then walked in his aunt in his old body!

“Jack, um, I was going to tell you the Great Shift happened, if that is you in my body, and to watch out for my desires, they can be a little overwhelming, but I see you gave in already, I think I will leave you two alone, just try not to get pregnant, Jack, because the Great Shift is a permanent thing as you well know!


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