I just love hitchhicking. I feel like I have changed so many lifes. Usually I wait on the road for a couple of hours, until I see my next victim. I raise my arm, asking for a ride, and I always get picked up. After having a conversation with the driver, I ask him if he wants me to drive for a while. They always say yes. And after a few minutes later, I cast a spell on them, transforming them into a cute woman. Sometimes blonde, others redhead, others latina. I love trying different spells, and just hopping for the best.

Take Jane here. She is cute isn’t her? long blonde hair, nice perky breasts. And a face any guy can’t say no to. To think that 30 minutes ago she was a man in his 60’s driving across country to see his son. Well, I hope he doesn’t mind, Jane is travelling across country too. But she is on her way to see her boyfriend. When she wakes up, she will be embarrased for having her breasts out on the open. She will quickly cover herself up. When we get to our destination, she will thank me for the ride, give me a kiss on the cheek, and I will never hear from her again. Which is fine, I know her life will be better. And that, makes me a happy man.


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