Just like every teenager Rob was full of raging hormones. He fantasized about sex very often but since he wasn’t very good with girls the only option left was masturbation. Rob had a big collection of porn on his computer which he used to satisfy his needs quite often. One day as he was browsing the web he found an interesting site called “ChoseYourOwnGirl.Com” He clicked the link an a message popped up. “Please confirm your age” Rob typed 25 and went to another section “Describe your perfect girl” Rob looked at the options. He was amazed how detailed it was. Hair and eye colour, body measurements and every other detail of a womans body. Rob took a can of coke and begin describing his ideal. After everything was done Rob moved to the next section. “Beyond this part there is no turn back. Make sure your description fits your preferences” Rob clicked continue. The site was loading for a minute and then the screen turned black just like Rob’s vision.

When Rob opened his eyes he noticed he was in a diffirent room. His body felt extremely weird. Rob moved around. He nearly screamed when he saw a woman. She looked exactly like the woman he described. It took him a few seconds to realize he is staring at the mirror “Oh my god i’m a woman!” Rob grabbed his chest. He could feel the soft breasts in his hands. It was a weird feeling, especially that the first breasts he ever touched were his own. Rob stood there fondling his breasts. “It feels nice” He thought and removed the braa. He was playing with his tits for a while, moaning softly when the door opened and a strange man came in. “I see you started without me” He smirked. Surprised Rob looked at him, still holding his breasts. “Let me take care of that” The man said and started to play with Rob’s boobs. Rob started to moan even more as he gently cupped his breasts. He instinctively lay down on the couch as the man started to undress himself. “I can’t belive it. I’m going to have sex as a woman” Rob though as he felt the tip of his penis gently rubbing his pussy. Then the man thrusted inside and Rob let out a loud moan. “This is so good, why i haven’t found this website before”


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