My sister Amanda. Part 9

Hurray! My period was finally over. No bleeding, no cramps i felt like a newborn. I just hope we will swap back soon, i can’t imagine going throught another one.

I woke up feeling fresh and well rested. I took a brisk shower and dressed up in Amanda’s clothes. Amanda was already having some breakfast when i got into the kitchen. “Morning” I send her a bright smile and started to make myself something to eat. My sister looked at me confused “You seem to be in a good mood today” Amanda said. “Sure i am” I said making my meal. “And why is that?” She asked. I shrugged my shoulders “No particular reason”.

The reason behind my good mood was trivial but i was pretty excited. Since i’m Amanda now i can drive her car and today i finally had the oportunity. Brandy asked me to pick her up from the train station. I was a good driver since my dad taught me a lot so i don’t have any problems with handling a car. I also enjoyed mocking my sister about the fact. She was really pissed off. It is a small payback for what she was doing to me but it was very satisfying.

I took the keys and got into Amanda’s car. I still had plenty of time before i could pick up Brandy but i wanted to enjoy this as much as i can so i started to ride around the town. When the time was right i went to the train station. Brandy was already waiting there. She saw me and came up to me. I helped her with the bags and drived her home. All the time Brandy was talking but i wasn’t listening at all. I was having to much fun with this car. At least there are some pros about being my sister.


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