The Butler Did It

“Oooh, *moan* …You know, Tobias… I can’t quite remember why I didn’t allow you to be with my daughter. You’re clearly more than enough man enough to please her.”

“*grunt* I’m glad to hear it Master Filcher, sir.”

“Oooh! Oh, yes! Fuck my pussy! Wait… ‘MASTER Filcher’?… Oh right, I was a man. Sorry, I– OOH! …I’ve just been a little hazy ever since you said those strange words and that strange necklace of yours started glowing. *moan*”

“Yes, it’s an old family heirloom… YOUR family, that is. I’m sure you don’t recognize it with all of you expensive jewelry, but I’ve been dusting it for years. I found an old book in your library. It told of the necklace’s magical nature and the right words to use it. Haven’t you wondered why your spoiled daughter suddenly fell in love with your butler? Haven’t you wondered why your hot wife has been sleeping in my quarters? Haven’t you wondered why their breasts have been getting so big?”

“Why, yes, of course… I must’ve… right?”

“Yes, now if I have your blessing, I’ll marry your daughter, Elizabeth at once, and I’ll finally be in on that family fortune.”

“No! *moan* I insist… you must marry ME instead…”


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