Warlock roommate’s girlfriend

Rick’s mind wandered as he jerked off, as idle minds as wont to do, and in an instant he thought of Jessica and knew he shouldn’t have done that. There was a hot girl getting pounded on his screen and he tried to focus on that, but he knew it was too late. He felt himself sink into his chair, his hair grew, his face contorted, his hips and chest swelled, and in an instant his cock and balls retracted, leaving a wet, empty space where they had been. His shirt turned pink and lengthened into a short dress as he felt oils and powders and goo of makeup materialize on his face. He winced as his ears pierces and knew then it was over.

He closed the window and got up, thankful his roommate Tom was home. He wouldn’t have to be stuck like this for long. Like that one time when Tom had been out of town and he’d been stuck with tits for a week…

“Dude, you’ve got to take this curse off me.” Rick said as he entered the living room.

“Or you could learn to do better than fantasize about your roommate’s girlfriend.” Tom replied.

“You two aren’t even dating anymore!” Rick said and he knelt down in front of Tom. He stared at the bulge forming in Tom’s pants, knowing he’d have to get it out himself, like always.

“Still doesn’t mean you should be thinking about her while you jerk off.” Tom said and Rick unzipped his fly and fished around for his cock. It sprung free and looked so big in her tiny hands.

“Just let me suck you off so I can go back to normal.” Rick said and opened his mouth, his lips stretching to accommodate Tom’s girth. She lowered her head and started bobbing back and forth.

“I don’t know. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten laid and I know how horny you are since you didn’ finish your jerk off session. I can see you touching yourself.”

Rick looked up at him, eyes wide, her mouth still full of his cock. She was really fucking horny and she had started wondering if Tom’s cock would feel as good in her pussy as it did in her mouth…

Tom smiled at the nervous, but eager look on Rick’s face at the idea of getting fucked. He knew then that `Ricki’ was girlfriend material. After all, he’d seen the same look on `Jessie’s’ after Tom had changed him.

He wondered if Ricki would keep his interest longer. If not, well, he wondered what dog breed would be popular when he got sick of her…


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