Popular by association

I was a geek at school. The worst stereotype you could imagine, broken glasses taped in the middle, calculator in my shirt pocket, braces, anything you can use to describe a geek, that was me. Of course I sucked with the ladies, and I wasn’t good at making friends. I had one friend though, James. He was great at sports, all the girls wanted to date him. He was a womanizer, he would dump every girl right after sex; but still, I don’t know how he managed to do it, but all the girls wanted to sleep with him. Up until today, I had never asked him what was his secret. But I really liked Kat, a girl at school, and I was invisible to her. “Please James! tell me how you do it!?” I asked him, to which he replied, that he couldn’t tell me, but he could make me popular, and that way Kat would pay attention to me.

I agreed. “Ok dude, take off your shirt” he said. I just looked at him with disbelief. “You want to be popular or not?” he asked me. “ok ok” I answered while taking of my shirt. “and dude, lose the glasses too”. After taking my glasses off, everything looked blurry, I saw him take something off his backpack, but I couldn’t tell what it was. He then handed me somekind of necklace, it was really cold. “Wear this for 10 minutes” he said. After I put the thing on my neck, he said “Dude, I have to go downstairs for a few minutes. Just wait here. ok?” I just nodded.

I rested for a few minutes on his bed. “This is really cold” I said while touching the necklace. I felt my finger freeze, YES it was that cold. My whole body got covered on ice in less than 10 seconds. At first the cold hurt, but later it was soothing. I couldn’t move, I was an ice sculpture. “Why would James would do this” I kept thinking. Then I felt the ice enter my brain. For a minute or so, I was without a thought, something new for a geek like me. Then the ice started melting. I felt rejuvenated. My vision wasn’t even blurry anymore.

James entered back into the room. “So, are you sure this will make me popular?” I asked him. “Sure, everygirl that has slept with me has become popular by association. Oh, and I promise I won’t dump you right after sex” he said. I was so turned on, I mean, I was finally going to lose my virginity, and to the most popular guy. I just felt so hot. I grabbed my left breast, and invited him to lick it. I then guided him to my wet pussy, which he licked too. I was ready, I pushed him down, while I kneeled over him, I felt his thing enter my wet slit. I felt so great. I moaned and moaned. I came and came.

Afterwards, as expected, James dumped me. Part of me knew he was going to. But I felt so sad, I left his home crying. The next day, I talked about it with my best friend Kat. She was so understanding. If I was a lesbian, I would certainly hook up with her.


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