Want to go back?

“MMnnghh… Fuck!” Marian groaned as she looked down, watching the Chris’s cock thrust between those tits in a frantic and erotic game of peek-a-boo. It felt so good, and those Marian’s tits looked so wonderful.

Of course, Marian wasn’t Marian right now. She was Chris. And Chris was her.

“FUCK!” Marian shouted and felt the cock she now controlled clench, pumping globs of thick cum onto her old tits.

She saw her body look up at her, still cradling her tits, mouth open but not speaking. Eventually she formed words.

“I’ve been thinking we should swap back.” Chris said from her body. Chris looked down at her cum spattered tits and then back up.

“Why’s that?” Marian asked.

“Well, you said this was just temporary, and we were just going to be learning about each other, but it’s been a month now. I mean- I had your period for crying out loud!”

“Yeah, that probably wasn’t fun. But you’re enjoying the rest right? Come on, I saw you smiling while I was fucking those tits.”

Marian saw her body blush, “Yeah, I know. I just- I think you like my dick too much. I mean, I gotta get you off three times a day to keep you from complaining. I was never that demanding.” Chris said.

“Having a dick is fucking awesome.” Marian said, “And, I mean this as a compliment, but you are just the most amazing girlfriend. You turn me on all the fucking time and then you always seem so eager to please. Even now I just want to bend you over the counter and fuck you until you tremble and moan and your legs go numb. I thought you were enjoying yourself. You seem to cum a lot more frequently during sex than I remember doing. What’s really on your mind?”

“I think if we stay this way much longer I’m not going to want to go back.” Chris admitted.

Marian reached down and grabbed one of her old boobs, making Chris smile as she rubbed her old nipple, “Do you really want to go back now?”

“Ah-” Chris gasped, “No.”

“Then why should we swap back? Let’s stay this way forever.”

“Oh god…”’ Chris said and stared down at Marian’s old boobs. Marian watched her old face be a sea of different emotions.

Eventually Chris stood up and smiled. Then turned and bent over the counter.

“I believe there was some talk of fucking me until I couldn’t stand.” Chris said in a sultry voice.

Marian felt the cock which now truly belonged to her begin to stir. She was so glad she’d found that spell.


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