Like, Oh My Goodness!

After Harry and Larry were changed to Hannah and Lana for cheating, that had a touch time getting used to their new female bodies. Their buddy Peterson had not been changed, as he was not a cheater like them. He thought he would test them to see how far this change really went, however.

He pulled out his cock, when the two new women showed up to see their buddy Peterson for help.

“I can help ladies, with this,” said Peterson, pulling out his, well “Peterson”.

Lana in the pink panties stared in utter amazement, not put off by seeing a man’s cock. Hannah in the navy panties was just as stunned at the sight of Peterson’s huge masculinity.

Lana said, “Like, oh my goodness, I think I’m like totally into guys now, I can’t believe it. I got the whole package when my ex changed me.”

Hannah replied, “Like, oh my goodness, same here, I want to just get these fake tan press-on nails wrapped around that juicy cock. I’m like totally into Peterson here, I’M INTO GUYS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, I’M WET AND HORNY!”

Lana dropped to her knees first, “ME FIRST I’M PROBABLY WETTER THAN YOU, and my sky blue nails are real not fake, so, like move it, bitch.”

Hannah replied, “Don’t want to share, I’ll just scratch you with these cute fake nails of mine, and we’ll see who’s fake.”

Peterson said, “Ladies, ladies, please. There is enough of Peterson to go around, I have the stamina of a bull.”

Lana and Hannah screamed together in harmony, “LIKE, OH MY GOODNESS, THAT IS LIKE SO HAWT!”

They’ll never know their girlfriend’s weren’t the ones that changed them, it was Peterson. He told on them to their girlfriends, and then changed them himself with a spell. Now Peterson had two new fuck pal gals to play with!


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