Wanna play a little game?

Hi you guys, hope all is going well. I kind of stumbled across a new way or game to share with friends and I’d just like to open up the dialogue with you guys if you folks are interested in joining me.

Basically I call it an “email exchange,” basically you give me a woman (preferably a celebrity just because there’s a lot of photos to draw from, although that’s not a rule, I just need photos you know?) and I begin emailing you back in the character of someone who swapped with that woman. Getting “into character” has led me down some interesting roads when it comes to what kind of personality I take on when emailing back. Typically leads to a lot of fun for both parties and I’d just like to see if anyone is interested.

If you are email my at [email protected]. Hope to see your comments and emails in my inbox. 😀


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