Cursed at the fair

When I went to the fair and saw a sign for a tent which said `witch’ I decided to go in on a whim. Maybe there would be a girl in a sexy costume inside. When I stepped inside and saw a scraggly looking dude inside I started laughing. He asked me what was funny and I told him. Witches weren’t real, and I really thought they were supposed to be girls besides. He was pretty upset, and the next thing I knew, *POOF!* I was a girl!

Stunned, I begged and pleaded for him to turn me back. He refused, and told me to leave if I didn’t want to end up a goat.

I ran home and found my roommate and best friend Mark there. It took some convincing, but I got him to believe I was really me. Incensed, he said he’d help me try to talk the witch into turning me back to normal. When we got back to the fairground it was closed and everyone was packing up. When asked, the fair folk said that people generally left the fair and just went to another fair nearby.

We spent a solid week driving all over the state looking, but never found the witch. Mark was ready to give up. I begged and pleaded with him to keep going. He said he needed some kind of reward. He’d used up one week of vacation already with nothing to show for it. He said I was hot and he wanted a blow job.

I couldn’t do that. Suck another man’s dick!? No way!

But I could sit there and let him fuck me. A lot of girls just did that even when they weren’t that into the guy, right? I asked him to take me from behind, so I wouldn’t have to look at him. He got me on my hands and knees on a couch at our place and I waited there for him, naked.

I moaned when he pushed into me and I couldn’t believe I did. It actually felt really good. Like, really REALLY good. I turned back and stared in shock at him as he continued to fuck me. Something was building in me. Something amazing. I was going to cum before he did!

Afterwards Mark did help me keep looking for the next week, but I started rewarding him for his help two, three times a day. We never did find the witch, but I’m pretty sure we both stopped caring on that day.


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