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The big gala (@cornerodaweb)

The day was amazing and it was just the begining. Being able to be in Victoria’s Justice body was like a dream come true. I know who was behind it and i know how to repay this person. After i got to Victoria’s house, or i should rather say my house, i sat comfortably on the sofa in the living room. With a coffee mug in my right hand and a laptop on my lap i opened OTGC and started to write. Read more

Awruk *crosses out Victoria Justice

“Hey could you give me a second?,” awruk had to lean on something after landing in the body he so desired to be in, that of young celebrity Victoria Justice. “My god,” he now she whispered in her new voice, coming out part whisper, part coo in awe and pleasure of what was happening to her. The memories, the sensations of this body, the simple fact that she was now and forever the one and only Victoria Justice, not losing her memory of her former life, but being to easily be able to take on her rightful mantle of being Victoria Justice. Read more

Keeping Up with KimKat

After helping Bella Knight into Bella Thorne, I guess I wasn’t too surprised that she quickly was swept up in her newfound fame, although she was still posting quite regularly on Open TG Captions. Not holding anything against the new Miss Thorne and wanting to assist more authors on this site into bodies they wished to have KimKat caught my eye. I enjoyed her captions a lot, just as I do Bella’s and figured another rather insane token of appreciation would be an order. Nothing beats a first impression, am I right? Typing KimKat’s handle into the same website I used for Bella’s body swap, I entered her name and now all I have to do is wait I suppose. Read more

Knocked Out

“Okay, I can do this, I can do this,” I said taking inventory of my new anatomy, rubbing my hands through my long blond hair trying to get myself together. Playing a little game on OpenTG captions called the “Swap Party,” I had no clue that A) anything would actually happen or B) the player I had swapped with’s computer crashed almost immediately after I took control. Needless to say, looking around a pretty nice house and finding a mirror, the fact that it was Katherine Heigl was definitely another cherry on top of this day. Looking at a small note beside the now inoperable laptop, it seemed Katherine wanted out of the life of a starlet whose career that seemed to be on the decline and planned it out to where the laptop would crash immediately. And the little fact that I had a huge red carpet appearance to go to in a few hours. Of course, I could always try to play the Swap Party game again, but I chances of me getting my body back where astronomical at best. Read more

The Five Stages of (Body) Loss

It had been quite the journey for me, I have to say. One day, I inexplicably woke up in some woman’s body and didn’t particularly take it well. I simply laid in the bed I found myself in for several days, wondering why this happened to me, wondered if there was a way back, wondering what my life would be now. Obviously this was the first step that we’re all aware of, denial. Read more

Wanna play a little game?

Hi you guys, hope all is going well. I kind of stumbled across a new way or game to share with friends and I’d just like to open up the dialogue with you guys if you folks are interested in joining me. Read more

How both of my dreams came true

I have always been a lover of professional wrestling. The pageantry, the drama, the athleticism, all took me in and never let me go, to the point where I knew I had to be a part of it. Then of course, I couldn’t. I was a beanpole with no muscle to speak of and this plight only added to one I had already been dealing with my whole life, I wanted to be a woman. As if the first fact was not severe, the second one was just a punch in the gut to add to what I was already dealing with, spiraling me out into a depression. Read more