Feeling Heavy Part 2

It had been a few months since my poorly worded wish had turned me into Selina’s boobs. At least, I think it’s been a few months: it’s hard to tell. In that time, her and her boyfriend had had some more fun, and now we were knocked up. And also in that time I had gotten even heavier. I was full of milk at this point too, and almost all my perkiness had gone. I couldn’t even hold myself up anymore now: I’d just flop down on her huge belly when she released me from her bra, which had grown even more uncomfortable to be trapped inside.
Speaking of, it must be the end of the day, because I can feel her arms pressed up against me: a sure sign she’s about to take her bra off.
Slap! As soon as she took it off I flopped down onto her belly, a bit painfully, but she didn’t seem to care. Suddenly I could feel myself wobbling, the milk inside of me sloshing around awkwardly as I jiggled side to side with the motion of her waddle. I could feel my nipples getting hard now that I was exposed to the air. They felt like small erections on both halves of my body, and I still hadn’t quite gotten used to the feeling.
“You know what, screw it!” I could hear her shout. “I’ll just sleep topless.” Oh thank goodness. Selina hated her maternity clothes, so almost any chance she had she would wear her pre-pregnancy clothes, and for obvious reasons those didn’t quite fit. So she’d pull a tank top down over hear head, then try to cram me uncomfortably into it. I can’t tell you how many of those I had burst out of, and sometimes in public too! Then she’d quickly tuck me back inside, ignoring the fact that I clearly didn’t fit. So when she decided to go topless, it was a blessing.
Suddenly I heard kissing sounds above me. Oh no, I thought. Suddenly I was grabbed roughly, a bit of milk oozing out of me as I was squeezed. Selina’s boyfriend was home. I had been tender since the pregnancy started, so these rough squeezes hurt more than they should. Selina always seemed to like it though, so I just had to deal with it. And in just a few more weeks I’d have to deal with a little mouth sucking on me. Oh the joys of being tits.


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