Wake up call.

Scott has been waiting for this day for many many months.

He had his body stolen by a prostitute almost a year ago and despite his best efforts to turn his life around he always found himself back on his back being screwed for money.

He did not want to think about all the dirty and depraved stuff he did for money just so he could hire a private detective to track his body down.

But finally the private detective had found his body and he spent many weeks waiting for the perfect opportunity to kidnap his old body and force the person inside it to give his life back.

But by the time the opportunity came around he had discovered that his old bodies life was just as bad as his new one so he decided to have a little bit of fun instead as it was better being a woman and a prostitute then being a middle aged balding man with thousands of dollars of debt to Russian gangsters with no job and living in a cardboard box under an overpass.


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