Wait, why…

“Well this is interesting,” Raymond said to himself in his wife Emily’s voice, brushing her blonde hair aside.

He’d been at in the middle of a tedious day at work when suddenly he found himself sprawled on the ground with wet fingers between his legs. “Wait, why…?” he’d gasped, sitting up and instantly recognizing Emily’s hot pants half off and wrapped around his thighs. “This can’t be happening,” he’d cried, taking deep breaths to calm down.

The phone rang, and he picked up when he saw it was his work number. “R–Raymond?” asked a shaky voice on the other end. His voice. “Emily, is that you?” he asked. “Yes, yes, it’s me honey,” she said.

“May I ask what’s going on, hun? Why am I you, and what have you been doing all day?” said Raymond.

“Um, honey, I just found out that’s there something big called the FOSE. I just found out from my friend Patti, who swapped with her boyfriend David. I was…mmm, just having a little ‘girl time’ on the living room floor and fantasizing about your cock. My pussy was so wet and I found myself cumming and then…I found myself sitting at your desk. And I guess you found yourself with my fingers in your pussy. Oh honey, I’m so so sorry!” she sobbed.

Raymond said soothingly, “Shhh, calm down hun, we’ll figure this thing out. Now dry your tears: grown men don’t cry. We’ll get through this and find out if this FOSE thing is permanent. Just come home, hun.”

It turned out to be permanent, but they still loved other and learned to enjoy their new lives.


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