Two options

“Sweetie, could you stop complaining already? We are her on vacation and vacation means fun” Daryl said to his daughter. Megan couldn’t belive what she just heard. She was about to spend some nice time with her friend Alice but just before their trip her friend somehow swapped bodies with her father.
“Belive it or not, but i’m actually enjoying this. I’m young again and so full of energy” Daryl smiled taking a photo in his dress. “And i’m so sexy” He add. “But…” Megan was speechless. “Look princes, we have two options. One, you can waste your time on complaining and ruin your vacations. Option two, you can accept me as Alice and we can have the best time of our life. Besides it’s not that Alice will mind it. She has no memory of being anyone else but my old self”
Megan was dumbstruck. The Alcie standing before her acted nothing like her conservative father but she knew it was him. She didn’t like the thought but pretending that nothing happened wouldn’t be so bad, compared to the first choice. If she could get used to the fact that her dad is now a young, beautiful woman, they can still be friends.
“So, are we going to hit the club” Daryl asked. “Sure! Let’s show them that new girls are in town” Megan exclaimed. “Great! Let’s pick up some hot guys” Daryl said, ready to hit the town.


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