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Date with a witch

My date was a witch, but not a very good one. She told me she could do stuff I could only dream off. She the lit the candle infront of me with a simple hand gesture. I was amazed, “wow? how did you do that?” I asked her. “I told you, I am a witch” she said. “And why are you telling me that?” I asked her. “Well, males make the best witches” she said. “Wait what?” I asked. She didn’t answer, she just did a new hand gesture. And in no time, everything changed. I was in her body, looking at the former me. Read more

Video Log

“Video Log November 15th, 2016” I said outloud as I recorded today’s log. “Everyone is completely unaware”, I continued speaking, “it has been 20 days since my transformation, and no one seems to miss the old me. And they have accepted me as a their new friend Kim. Yesterday a couple of guys invited me drinks, and another one asked me out. I guess it was to be expected, after all I turned out quite cute. I wasn’t ready, so I rejected that guy’s invitation”. Read more

Walking into the Augment Clinic

I started modifying my body for fun at the suggestion of a friend. He recommended a shop and I started with simple piercings and augmentations.
What he didn’t mention was that he worked for the shop.
What he didn’t mention was how expensive each augmentation was.
I had to work something out with the owners.
They said I could have anything I wanted if I was their new floor model.
I said yes. I couldn’t say anything else; I had no way to pay them.
Slowly, they turned me into this barbie you see before you. I don’t mind it now so much as at first, now that they’ve worked on my brain too.
But I still have one working part left, tucked away.
They say I can become a real girl if someone like you goes out with me.
Of course, it’ll cost you some money. But you’re cute, so you’ll also get me in the sack.
If you help me out now, you can have me before and after the operation.
I see you like that idea… so c’mon, let’s go on a “date”.

Upload 10

I know I’m supposed to be a guy, but I just don’t care! I know I’m supposed to be mad at my sister and mom, but I’m just not! Whatever my sister did to me before my last photo shoot she hasn’t undone yet, and it’s been almost an entire week. I’m well aware of my previous life but I’m just not mad or upset because of my sisters magic. Right now I love being a woman. I love the attention my body gets, especially my breasts. When I catch men or even women looking at my exposed cleavage it gives me chills. I was sitting in my room when my mom came in. I was just reading a magazine because since the incident I just had no interest in video games. Read more

Online dating

“Dude, I told you these online dating stuff sucks. That girl isn’t going to show up” my friend told me. In a way, I agreed with him, but I was afraid to admit it. Maybe Amy didn’t even exist, maybe it was just a frat guy pretending to be a girl. I could only hope Amy was indeed real, and that she would really show up at my doorstep like she promised. Read more

You Owe Me

That’s it! A hand shake and a “Thanks Dave. I owe you one” After I let you use that male to female spell on me so you would have a date to your company party and that’s it. Look James, all that dancing has made me horny. Would you please take me to bed like a normal date would. I think you owe me that much at least.

Jumped the Gun at Bikini Beach

“Hey hun, I am going to take you on a little surprise date this Friday,” My girlfriend exclaimed over our weekly meet up at our wine bar. That is all it was supposed to be, a surprise. Read more

Master PC: The date

“Let´s see now…I`ve improved my personality to be more outgoing…curvy woman instead of plain guy….Gonna increase the butt slider just a little bit….There!”. Read more