Vacation from everything

He didn’t know, did he?

He couldn’t possibly know before you came to this island you were a man, right? You came here for a vacation, and the island promised an escape from it all. Waking up on your second day as a woman sure was an escape. The resort you were staying at acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world and provided you with everything you’d need for your two week stay, clothes, some bikinis, even some tampons, a dildo, and some condoms!

You decided to go for it. You wanted a break from it all and this was it. You weren’t a man, you weren’t white, you weren’t old. It could be the greatest vacation ever. From day three on you started hitting the beach. From day four on you started hitting the bars.

Day six you met Steven, he bought you some drinks and said he was a masseur at one of the parlors in town. Day eight you decided to treat yourself.

His hands felt so good on your body and you felt a burning need that you’d previously only satisfied with the dildo the resort had given you. You end up here, naked on your back as his hands run down your body. Strong firm hands pressing into your soft smooth skin… You know this isn’t part of the massage.

You don’t care. You spread your legs invitingly and wait for him to make the next move. You’ll take a vacation from massages as well.


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