Bullied in a Magic School?

“God you are good at that.” You say as you watch Brenda suck your cock. Three days ago she’d been Brandon, your friend and roommate. As part of a project in Transmotography he’d turned himself into Brenda. You worried about having a female roommate, but when Brenda came home the next day and said she needed to suck your cock, all your worries vanished.

Afterwards she insisted that some bullies had spiked her drink at lunch with a cock hunger potion, and that she was going to need to suck you off at least four times a day to keep herself under control. She swore it wouldn’t take her more than a week to make the counter potion.

A week and a half later you asked her about the counter potion and she appeared confused for a few seconds. Then she snapped and seemed to remember and said it was going poorly.

Much as you were enjoying getting your dick sucked all the time, you felt bad for your friend and decided to find the bullies who did this to her. If they made the potion, they should be able to make the counter potion right?

Well you tracked down the gang that usually bullied Brandon, only to find out that they didn’t do anything to him! They thought he’d gone missing! They didn’t even know he was now Brenda!

You rushed back to your room to confront Brenda. Before you could say anything she pulled out your cock and started sucking. As this was your third time today, you weren’t totally swept up in it and had some time to think. You stare down at her and watch her head bob up and down your cock. She seems so eager. Happy even, to do it. Even the strongest potion couldn’t force her to actually enjoy this…


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